Rod Williams, Bush Poetry

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Performing for adults
I enjoy performing and entertaining and am willing to consider any requests for an appearance.

I perform my own poems and a variety of other Australian Bush Verse. I also play the guitar, sing Ballads and yarn about life and times experienced in this land that I love and other places I have been.
You can hear some examples in the DOWNLOADS section.

Performing for kids

In my special show for Primary Schools (Frogs And Dogs And Kids) the children, myself and Jessie have a great time.The main message being ~ Care about the environment and grow up helping to stop the waste and destruction in this country and the planet ~ Treat animals and pets with the love and respect they deserve ~ Don't let greed and selfishness take over ~ Be kind to and welcome new kids to the district or school, no matter to which colour, race, religious or cultural group they may belong.
I have now developed a new, exciting, entertaining and educational programme to suit all secondary school students called “Travel The Red Road”. Please go to “Performances For Schools” website for further information.

As a glance at my biography will show, I am an experienced actor and entertainer.
I have given many performances over the years to a wide variety of audiences.

My fee can vary.
It can depend on how far I have to travel, any accommodation expenses I may incur and the type of function at which I may perform. Charity gigs and causes close to my heart I always look on favourably. As I do on any appearance involving children, whom I regard with a special fondness as I grow older and in whose hands I see our future.

If you are at all interested in booking me for a performance, please contact me using one of the means shown below so we can discuss it further.

Mobile - 0413 786872
Roderick Williams
54 Benalla Street
Victoria 3672